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Justin Finney


Before Starting Construction

The following permits may be required:

  • Building & Zoning Permits from the Building Inspector.
  • Electrical Permits from the Electrical Inspector.
  • Plumbing & Mechanical Permits from the Plumbing Inspector.
  • Soil & Erosion Permits from Midland County Drain Commission Office, 989-832-6770.
  • Well & Septic Permits from the Midland County Health Department, 989-832-6679.
  • Water Permit from Water District #1, 989-687-2709.

  • Zoning Permits are required for storage sheds 120 sq. ft. or less and accessory buildings used only for agricultural purposes.

  • Ponds with a surface area greater than 1200 sq. ft. must have a site plan review – Contact the ZBA Secretary.