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Jerome Township Fire Department Burn Permit Information

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Jerome Township Fire Department

725 Irish Street, PO Box 17
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Permit required for brush & leaves.
Call 1-866-922-2876 or Click Here for Electronic Permit.

Jerome Township Burn Permit Information

Make sure this doesn't happen to You! Burn permits are required any time the ground is not covered with snow. Burn permits can be obtained by calling the Department of Natural Resources at 1-866-922-2876 or electronic burn permits are available by going to They will tell you if it is safe to burn, and will answer your questions as to what you can legally burn.

The Village of Sanford Ordinance 32 has been ammended. The village DOES allow the burning of leaves in the village limits during specific periods of the year. There are 2 windows for burning leaves. One in the Fall and one in the Spring. The burning season is usually 30 days long and published in the Midland news. It is usually the middle of April to the middle of May. And the middle of October to the Middle of November.

Click here for a copy of the Ordinance

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