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Jerome Township Services : Fire Department

Phone : 989-488-4578 Fax : 989-687-2318 737 W. Beamish Road, Sanford, Michigan 48657
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Office Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm Monday - Thursday or by appointment

Jerome Township Fire Department

725 Irish Street, PO Box 17
Sanford, MI 48657-0017
Business Phone (989) 687-2600
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Permit required for brush & leaves.
Call 1-866-922-2876 or Click Here for Electronic Permit.

Permit required for brush & leaves.
Call 1-866-922-2876 or Click Here for Electronic Permit.


The Jerome Township Fire Department was formed in 1947 to provide the residents of Jerome Township with basic fire protection.
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Jerome Twp. Fire Station

Although it is still a fire department, the Jerome Township Fire Department serves the residents of Jerome, and with the current mutual aid agreements; the residents of Midland County, with structural fire suppression, fire investigation, medical first responder, personal injury automobile accident and extrication care, grass and brush fire control, public education, hazardous material management services, water rescue and many other services.

The department operates from 2 stations with 25 personnel, 2 engines, 1 large tender, 1 grass truck, 1 light rescue vehicle, and 1 rescue vehicle.


The Jerome Township Fire Department will be a citizen-focused organization, recognized for superior quality of service and high performance results. Integrity and a commitment of excellence will be the benchmark of our organization.

The Jerome Township Fire Department will achieve this mission by satisfying citizens and creating value through the consistent delivery of service that clearly meets the present and future needs of our citizens.


We will be characterized by the trust and confidence we share with the people we serve, our members and our community. We will be fair, ethical and trustworthy in all of our dealings.

We will be well managed and maintain a highly motivated, qualified work force, providing all members with continuous training and guidance, resources, support, recognition and rewards to accomplish continuous improvement.

We recognize that we must be both managers and leaders. We all will manage our own processes and provide leadership of the people who work with us.

We will provide all our members with training and resources to effectively perform their job functions and improve themselves and the fire department.

We will continuously strive to identify and meet the training needs of our members in pursuit of excellence, as measured by citizen satisfaction.

We will create an atmosphere of trust and remove barriers which limit our own and others effectiveness.

We will listen to and act on the suggestions of our members.

We will nurture an atmosphere of teamwork, built around loyal, dedicated members, who are given the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process related to their jobs, and who are equipped with the training resources and authority to act.

Every member shall be involved in the never ending improvement of our services.

We will base our decisions on facts and not opinions.

We will take seriously our responsibility to protect the environment in which we work and live, and will conduct our fire department in accordance with all legal requirements and ethical responsibilities, using scientific knowledge, technical innovation, and sound environmental practices.

We will always be committed to cost effectiveness and continuous cost reduction in all areas of our operation.


Life and the quality of life are real objectives in the delivery of Emergency services. It is not reasonable to sacrifice people to serve resources. Provide Emergency services aggressively, but provide for the safety of the member first.

We will maintain a safe, injury free department.

We will make safety the first order of business for all department members.

We will aggressively seek ways to prevent injuries from occurring.

While this organization exists to help safeguard the resident and property of the fire district it serves, the first and foremost consideration must be for the safety of the members of the fire department. The fire department has a commitment to the members to provide with the utmost regard for personal safety.

While we all want to assist anyone and everyone in their time of need, we must remember that we are only human. Even with the best personal protective equipment, and the most advanced training and education we too have limitations. Extreme care has been taken to build an emergency delivery system that maximizes safety, yet provides for the delivery of the service required.

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