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Jerome Township Fire Department History 2000-2014

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Jerome Township Fire Department

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Jerome Township Fire Department History 2000 to Present

The 2000's

Station 1 was remodeled and a new light-rescue for medical calls to houses was delivered in the fall of 2000.

Photo of 2000 Chevy Suburban light-rescue vehicle.

Spring of 2004 a new engine was delivered and for the 1st time the department had an engine on each side of the lake with the tanker as back up. Our goal now is to buy an engine every 10 years and decommission the old back up engine after 20 years.

Photo of 2004 CSI apparatus on a custom Spartan Chassis with a 1600 gal per minute Waterous Pump.

George Thornton was 17 years old when the upper photo was taken at Cole's garage in 1947 next to our 1st truck a 1924 Chevrolet Champion. George 57 years later pictured in lower photo with the 2004 CSI/Spartan Engine is no longer a fire fighter, but remains a friend of the fire department and an interested citizen.

With a renewed interest in teaching children fire protection information and basic fire safety. Flashy will be a big hit with them. Flashy is a battery operated fire engine with an automated talking Dalmatian that talks to the children through a voice activated wireless remote control system that also operates the fire engine with the use of control buttons and levers. Flashy was purchased with grant money to be used for public education.

In 2008 we brought on a new tender to replace the old 436 for the new 436. The design of this truck was to be the same as our Engine 421. Tender 436 can do everything our engines can and then some. The tender holds 2000 gallons of water, has a portable water tank, and has three water dumps for filling portable tanks.

The 2010's

In 2012 we purchased a new Utility vehicle to replace old 440. The design of the new Utility 440 was to be of more use than the old with the new one having a chainsaw for downed trees and a winch for larger ones to be removed from roadways. It will be used for wire down calls to free up the larger Engines.

In 2013 the Fire Department worked with Boy Scout Troop 776 from Sanford to G P S all 477 fire hydrants in Jerome Township and place them in the Midland County mapping system. Central Dispatch will now be able to tell the fire department the address of the nearest fire hydrant to the address we are responding to.

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