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Phone : 989-488-4578 Fax : 989-687-2318 737 W. Beamish Road, Sanford, Michigan 48657
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Office Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm Monday - Thursday or by appointment

Jerome Township Fire Department

725 Irish Street, PO Box 17
Sanford, MI 48657-0017
Business Phone (989) 687-2600
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Permit required for brush & leaves.
Call 1-866-922-2876 or Click Here for Electronic Permit.

Fire Service Symbols

Fire Safety Symbol

When the art of heraldry developed in medieval Europe, various types of Christian crosses were employed as symbols, or charges, in the designing of coats of arms. A cross with equal arms and diagonal cross, or saltire were the most traditional heraldic forms. Many of the insignia for medieval and Renaissance chivalric orders were crosses: The Maltese cross, for example was the heraldic symbol of Knights of Malta (the Hopitalers). The Maltese cross was adopted by the fire service in the 1600's as fire brigades were formed. The helmet signified safety while the horns were a call to duty. The staff, hook, and ladder signified reaching out to help.


The Dalmatian is a short haired dog in the non-sporting group with distinctive black or deep-brown (liver colored) spots on a white coat. It ranges in size from 19 to 23 inches high at the shoulders. The breed is believed to have originated in Dalmatia, part of Croatia, where it was used as a general-purpose hunting dog. In the mid-1800s the breed was brought to England, where it became known as a carriage dog because it was trained to trot alongside a horse and carriage, or to sit beside the driver. This association led to its fame as a firehouse dog in the United States, where it accompanied the firemen and their horse-drawn engines.

Fire Plug

Until the Early 1900's the only way to bring water to the fire was hand carried pails "bucket brigades" and horse drawn water carriages. Water availability play's a significant part in a fire companies ability to effectively fight a fire. Larger more progressive municipalities with water systems began putting the fire "plug" to use. Hydrants today, like this East Jordan Iron Works model, play an important part in Jerome Township Fire Departments suppression ability, as well a reduction in our home owners insurance rates.

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