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Jerome Township Boards

Phone : 989-488-4578 Fax : 989-687-2318 737 W. Beamish Road, Sanford, Michigan 48657
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Office Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm Monday - Thursday or by appointment


Township Board Members


Mike Wood, Supervisor
989-488-4578 Ext. 1


Gil Bernier, Clerk
989-488-4578 Ext. 3


Becky Slack, Treasurer
989-488-4578 Ext. 2


Sarah Jo Rowley, Trustee
989-488-4578 Ext. 4


Lee Fellows, Trustee
989-488-4578 Ext. 5


Mark Green, Trustee
989-488-4578 Ext. 6


Steve Rice, Trustee
989-488-4578 Ext. 9

The Jerome Township Board is the governing body of the Township. It consists of five-elected members: Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and two Trustees. They are each elected to serve a four-year term. The Township Board governs by the statues sanctioned by state law.

Residents with questions or concerns may voice themselves to the Township Board at one of the Regular Board Meetings.
Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month – 7:00 pm at the Township Hall.
Our Meeting Schedule is located on the Calendar Page of this website.



Welcome to Jerome Township!

We are pleased that you are expressing your interest in township government issues by attending our meeting. We are very interested in hearing your views on any issue of concern to you that is within the scope of authority of your township government.

Our monthly Township Board meeting is designed for your elected officials to conduct the township business. It is of course an Open Meeting within the definition of the law and you are encouraged to attend and observe your elected representatives in action.

You will note that the meeting agenda provides for "Public Comment". We would anticipate that these will be broad Township concerns. For individual problems, questions or concerns we suggest contacting a Board member. If you desire to meet with any board member, please do not hesitate to make your wishes known.

Please observe the following rules for Public Comment that was adopted by the Jerome Township Board, October 7, 2013:

  • * If you wish to address the Board you can under the business item "Public Comment."
    Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

  • * When addressing the Board, please address all questions and comments to the Supervisor.

  • * Please keep in mind that we are very interested in hearing your views, however we ask that you observe common courtesy and respect for all participants of our meeting.