Jerome Township

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Brief History

Erected in 1856 by a Board of Supervisors from Midland County and was named for Timothy (Tiff) Jerome of Saginaw who built the first Sawmill in Edenville and the first Midland County Courthouse in Midland.

Jerome Township is located in Sanford about 8 miles northwest of the City of Midland on North Saginaw Rd (old US-10), at the point where the Salt River flows into the Tittabawassee.

The Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad reached Sanford in 1870 and is now known as the Rail Trail which stretches 30 miles of blacktop connecting Downtown Midland (Tridge) with the City of Clare, MI. The trail attracts daily use by many from walking to bicycling (non-motorized). Restrooms and convenient parking are available with various access points for the Rail Trail.

While Jerome Township was once known as a logging community – it is now considered a community well known for its Lake providing many activities such as: beach, Spray Park, water activities and fishing. Our community is also known for its parks and hunting. While being surrounded by many other conveniences from many of family owned businesses within Sanford to nearby communities which provide but are not limited to: Midland Mall, MidMichigan Health University of Michigan Health Systems, Colleges and Universities, dynamic School Districts and large Industrial companies like: Dow Chemical, Dow Corning and Hemlock Semi Conductor to mention a few.

Demographics: The 2000 Census captured that Jerome Township’s population was 4,888; 1920 households; and 1443 families.  The 2020 Census population was 4,625

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Mission Statement

To maintain the high standards and traditions of Michigan townships, we embrace these dynamic principles of governance excellence to guide our stewardship, deliberations, constituent services, and commitment to safeguard our community’s health, safety and general welfare.

We pledge to :
* Insist on the highest standards of ethical conduct by all who act on behalf of the township

* Bring credit, honor and dignity to our public offices through collegial board deliberations and through diligent, appropriate responses to constituent concerns

* Actively pursue education and knowledge, and to embrace best practices

* Treat all persons with dignity, respect and impartiality, without prejudice or discrimination

* Practice openness and transparency in our decisions and actions

* Cooperate in all reasonable ways with other government entities and to consider the impact our decisions may have outside our township’s borders

* Communicate to the public township issues, challenges and successes, and welcome the active involvement of stakeholders to further the township’s well being

* Strive for compliance with state and federal statutory requirements

* Refuse to participate in any decisions or activities for personal gain, at the expense of the best interest of the township

* Further the understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of American citizenship, democratic government and freedom

These principles we pledge to our citizens, our state and to our country.
Adopted: October 7, 2013